Join DouBridge as a Supplier

DouBridge Provides all resources which an ecommerce business might require to help owners grow. It is a global platform with quantity products as well as customers from all over the world.

You not only can be a client of us who sell DouBridge products on your own website, but also you can become one of our suppliers who display your quality inventory to DouBridge, which have your products sold by thousands of different customers worldwide.

Sign contract with DouBridge now to become a supplier and supply goods according to our demands. DouBridge makes periodic payments to your supply. DouBridge offers not only price and promotion strategies but also customer service. Supplier simply needs to provide guaranteed quality and deliver on time and follow the rules Terms and Conditions, Warranty and Returns.

1. Register Account, Provide Company Information, Confirm Partnership

Register a supplier account on DouBridge seller center. For a successful registration, merchant needs to provide the following qualifications:
Required materials:

  • Company business license (Latest version)
  • Organization code
  • Tax registration certificate
  • Bank account permission
  • Trademark certificate
  • Brand letter of authorization

After registration, DouBridge products manager will contact you for more details and confirm our partnership. Supplier can start to upload products once the registration has been completely verified.

2. Upload Products

Supplier can upload product information & photos to the seller center and provide a relatively competitive purchase price for DouBridge. After the product verification, DouBridge will set the sale price and put products on sale. DouBridge will purchase products based on the sales.

3. Check Doubridge Orders

Supplier can check order information on seller center.

4. Product Delivery

Merchants deliver products to DouBridge’s warehouses based on the order information and we help complete rest of the shipment to customers around the globe.

5. Payment Settlement

The payment is settled according to the settlement date and account period.