DouBridge helps people like you to run their dropshipping stores easily.

Easily Import Dropshipped Products

Import dropshipped products right to your ecommerce store using the DouBridge apps. Find the products you want to import, publish to your online store, and start selling directly to your customers.

Fulfill Orders Automatically

Order will be synced from your store to DouBridge automactically once it changes to a specified status. You don’t need to worry about warehouse, packing, shipping, we can handle all of these and ship orders to your customers directly.


Price adjustment, out of stock products, offline products and other status information will sync to your “Message Center”, you won’t miss it!

Track Your Sales

Follow your store earnings in a convenient sales and costs dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Could DouBridge help set up the website?

Yes. Of course. Doubridge offers a free self-built website service. Just 3 steps to create your own website.

Can I use DouBridge on my own website?

Import products to your ecommerce store using the DouBridge Apps.

Which platforms are supported to import products from DouBridge?

DouBridge is widely compatible with many eCommerce platforms. We now support Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, Opencart and PrestaShop. If your website is not based on any above, we can offer you API to connect with DouBridge.

How many products can be uploaded from DouBridge?

Product quota has the deep relationship with your paid version. The product quota of free version, basic version, and pro version is 500, 3000, 10000 respectively.

Which countries are supported by DouBridge?

DouBrige is global, all countries and markets.

More Questions?

Try to search questions on DouBridge HelpDesk yourself or Submit a ticket from Contact us. We will back to you ASAP.


All accounts have access to the forever free Starter Plan.